14/08/21 - 15/08/21

Academy Try-Out 2021

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  • Standard Entry (FOC with membership)
  • 7 - 16yrs
  • 14/08/21 - 15/08/21

    As the start of a new year for the Academy is approaching, we are looking to expand and recruit new members to join. The new year brings new coaches, new plans, and new ideas. The first of which being the annual academy try-out day. We feel that this is a great excuse to get all the members of our academy together and climbing in a non-comp setting, a way to strengthen our already close-knit community and an opportunity to scout for fresh faces! The dates in question will be Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August. This is an opportunity for existing members to earn their space in the academy.



    This event is invite-only. You must complete the online Academy Try-out application form to receive your invite and your individual time slot for the day.

    *Existing members of our Academy will have automatically received an invite and will not need to go through the application process.

    You will be expected to pay the standard entry fee of £10 to confirm your time-slot, unless in the case of a valid monthly/ prepaid membership or an existing Academy member. If you need to hire any equipment for the event there will be additional charges.

    Please make sure you have a responsible adult with you as there may be a bit of waiting around for a coach to become available.

    Please see the below table for a rough idea for what we will expect in terms of grades from each age group/ category:

    Category Year of Birth Skills Required Minimum Grade Highest Grade
    A 2004-2005 Lead Climber 6b+ 8a+
    B 2006-2007 Lead Climber 6b+ 7c+
    C 2008-2009 Lead Climber 6b 7c
    D 2010-2011 Top-Rope Climber 6a+ 7a+
    E 2012-2013 Top-Rope Climber 5a+ 6c+

    What we are looking for:

    • An instinctive understanding of basic climbing movement.
    • People who are eager, responsive, and coachable.
    • As a member of our Academy, you will be expected to complete a minimum of two coached sessions per week. This can include your NICAS session and your Academy session.
    • As a member of the Academy, you are a representative of our centre and a big part of our community. This means you will be expected to reflect our core climbing values in all aspects of your climbing, competing and training.

    Inclusivity, acceptance, a true love for the sport, hard work and having fun!


    Why Should I Apply?

    New Year, New Coaches, New Training Plans!

    Apart from being an important part of our close-knit community, there are a number of great benefits from being a part of our Academy:

    • Free membership to all our Parthian Climbing centres.
    • 15% off retail.
    • First refusal of your repeating NICAS session.
    • Qualified, experienced coaches for both your Academy and NICAS sessions.
    • A personalised training programme.
    • The opportunity to compete on behalf of Parthian Climbing Reading at National Competitions.