Designed by our in-house coaching team, our Return to Climbing Coaching Clinics will cover a variety of topics and workshops to not only help get your climbing back on track but also progress. Whether you’re new to the sport or wanting to develop those more advanced skills, our Coaching Clinics are for you.


Leading Confidence

Monday 9th August 20:00 to 21:30 with Andrew Waterfield.

Take your leading to the next level with this great confidence booster.
Improving your confidence with falling, making your clipping smoother or improving your head space; we’ve got you covered.
Our experienced coach will help give you all the skills you need to up your leading game.

Prerequisite – Established Lead climber & competent Lead belayer.


Fundamentals of Climbing

Monday 23rd August 20:00 to 21:30 with Rich Fergus

From basic techniques and body positioning to route reading, this workshop will take you through the fundamentals of climbing with a wide variety of hints, tips and tricks to get you sending harder!


Master Footwork

Monday 6th September 20:00 to 21:30 with Tara Caddy-Watson

Good footwork truly is the foundation of every good climber.
This workshop will dissect your footwork & foot swaps & will provide you with the tools to become a master at this skill set.


Advanced lead belaying

Monday 20th September 20:00 to 21:30 with Luke Chandler.

If you are looking to take your lead belaying skills to the next level, then this session is for you. Whether you are a regular lead climber, or a parent fed up with their climbing child’s critique and are looking for pointers on how to be a better belayer, then this workshop will transform you. This workshop will help make you a more responsive belayer, allowing you to knock the socks of any witnessing bystander with how good your dynamic belaying will become.

Prerequisite – Established Lead climber & competent Lead belayer.


Progressing 6a to 6b

Monday 9th October 20:00 to 21:30 with James Martin

This workshop will help give you pointers to take your climbing from 6a to 6b.
Looking at advanced techniques and route reading, your coach will help refine your climbing skills to achieve the next grade.

Prerequisite – Established climber & competent belayer.