Team GB+ Training Event at Parthian Climbing Wandsworth

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This week, Parthian Climbing Wandsworth had the incredible honour of hosting the Team GB+ Training event, featuring a lineup of elite athletes from around the globe. The event brought together world-class climbers for an intense and exhilarating training experience, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting year in climbing. The competition took place on our very own Titan – the exact replica of the Olympic boulder wall which will features at the 2024 Paris Olympic games!

Maximillian Milne takes on a difficult sloper in the cave section of the Titan.

Athletes in Attendance

We were thrilled to welcome GB Climbing and a host of international climbing stars, including Olympic Gold Medallist Alberto Ginés López, Austria’s Jakob Schubert and Jessy Pilz, Campbell Harrison and Oceana Mackenzie from Down Under, Hong Kong athlete Jonathan Sin, South African Jack Burningham, US athlete Quinn Midori, and our very own GB team members, including this year’s GB Olympian, Toby Roberts, and the powerhouse Erin McNeice.

Day 1: Simulation Competition – Semi-Finals

The first day was packed with excitement as climbers tackled the simulation competition semi-finals. The men’s semi-finals took place in the morning, followed by the women’s in the afternoon. The competition saw plenty of thrills and spills, with climbers pushing their limits on some truly challenging routes. The amazing blocs were set by the talented team of @maxayrton, @jakermason, @olga_niemiec, @yanngenoux, @fullbeams, and @sergioverdasco.

A quick M1 flash by Alberto set the tone for what was a breath-taking few hours of absolutely peak-level climbing.

At the end of the post-comp working session, the setters leapt into action and stripped the entire Titan and set another eight incredible blocs for the finals – really looking to push the athletes to their limits and test their mental and physical strength and inegnuity.

Erin McNeice about to achieve another top on the slab section. Eugenie Lee taking on the difficult slab section on the far left side of the Titan. GB athlete Jim Pope had a strong showing across both days, here taking on the M4 finals bloc on the slab.

Day 2: Simulation Competition – Finals

The atmosphere was electric as climbers once again took to the walls. Our GB athletes, Toby Roberts and Erin McNeice, delivered spectacular performances, showcasing their incredible skills and determination. But that’s not to take away anything from any of the other athletes who all climbed spectacularly, putting on an amazing show for those of us who were lucky enough to have front-row seats!

A Celebration of Climbing Community

Throughout the event, it was heartening to see athletes from around the world helping each other out, sharing beta, and embodying the amazing values of the climbing community. Although they are technically competitors, these climbers share a profound love for the sport and a mutual desire to see their fellow athletes succeed. The camaraderie and sportsmanship on display were truly inspiring.

Eugenie Lee and Molly Thompson-Smith climbing on the steeper sections of the Titan.

Looking Forward

We were honoured to host this fantastic event and play a part in the preparation of these incredible athletes for the upcoming competitions, including this year’s Olympics. The Team GB+ Training event at Parthian Climbing Wandsworth was a testament to the spirit of climbing and the dedication of these world-class athletes. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Team GB Olympic athlete Toby Roberts demonstrating excellent balance and footwork on the Titan's slab.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates from Parthian Climbing!