We can run NICAS or one-off sessions for school and youth groups. The NICAS scheme can be used as part of a student’s GCSE qualification and, as climbing increases in popularity, we are seeing more and more school groups bringing their classes to climb.


Climbing offers a unique combination of physical benefits, due to the coordination of multiple muscle groups that are used whilst climbing. 

It also improves your problem-solving skills due to the planning that is involved & challenges that arise during the process of physically climbing. 

In addition to this, evidence shows that climbing can help individuals with mental health conditions. Climbing involves concentration & thought which helps participants build focus, confidence & self-esteem, alleviating the symptoms of some mental health problems.


Promote exercise in a fun, challenging individualised way.
• Contribute towards attaining GCSE and A-level Physical Education.
• Contribute towards achieving Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Work towards achieving all 5 levels of the NICAS scheme (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme)
• Work towards an un-supervised climbing sign-off (14yr +)
• Work towards Climbing Wall Assistant NGB Qualification (Entry level instructor qualification)
• One off ‘Experience Climbing’ sessions an extra curriculum activity
• Potential to facilitate work experience 

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