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Parthian Climbing group is established by, run by,
and home to, climbers from all walks of life

We offer Climbing for Everyone

From our first centre in Manchester in 2005, to our latest state of the art site in Wandsworth, London, climbing is at the heart of everything we do. 

We have built a team of amazing staff at every one of our centres and, along with that, we are incredibly proud to have helped build such incredible climbing communities. We owe so much to our customers who helped us find our first steps, stuck with us through re-brands, lockdowns and redevelopments, and have helped to make Parthian Climbing what it is today.

The continued success of our centres is down to the relationships we have built over the years. NICAS kids becoming staff, customers becoming involved in events and competitions, climbers who aren’t afraid to give honest feedback on our setting or how we run the centres. Each and every person who has walked into one of our centres has been a part of shaping Parthian Climbing.

As we look to the future, with new projects, products and offerings on the horizon, we are incredibly excited to be able to share the journey with all of you.