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Ah, coffee.. it’s good right? I love making it, tasting it, drinking far too much of it. All of that hasn’t changed since our wee cafe, ‘Ground up’ had to sadly close its doors along with the climbing centre on that fateful day in March. I know we’re all missing the whole climbing thing but what about those Flat whites hey!? Yeah, they were good. Potentially the main reason a lot of you folks came to the centre anyway and whilst sipping on that pure joy just thought, “Ah well I’m here so I may as well have a climb too”.

Seriously though, we miss you guys, we miss the chats when you come upstairs for a quick coffee and tell us all about your project you’re trying to conquer, or the times you’ve just aced a new route and feel like you should treat yourself to a toastie AND a cake. Or even when you just want to say hi before you get started. We even kinda miss those crazy Saturday lunch rushes  .

I know I speak for most when I say I can’t wait to get climbing again, even though I’m gonna suck now. But I also look forward to getting back to work and serve some great coffee and tasty grub to you all. In the meantime, here’s a crummy video of me working from home. Cheers Calum

Blog & Video courtesy of Calum Clyde Ground Up Reading barista

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