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I’ve been climbing for almost 7 years and have enjoyed every single moment. Despite many phases of frustration within the sport, climbing has allowed me to be passionate and learn to deal with my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. 

I used to get exhausted from being overly competitive with myself and never feeling good enough. I based my whole identity on how well I climbed. During a couple of months of just climbing purely for fun and without thinking about grades, I started to realise why I loved climbing so much. It wasn’t about competition or how high a grade I could climb. 

When I’m on the wall, whether it’s during a bouldering or lead session, I’m able to take a deep breath and step away from my every day routine. For a couple of hours, my brain can focus on the flow, movement and shapes myself and so many others are making while on the wall. Chatting to other climbers about everything climbing; a problem, new shoes, when we’re next going outdoors, the conversation is endless and I couldn’t be more grateful to this sport and its community for the positive vibes and healthy effect it has on my life. It’s so awesome to have a sport that combines wellbeing and exercise in such a creative and satisfying way.

Blog by Parthian Climbing Instructor Lara Conboy