Jerry Moffatt Lecture – The Low Down revisited

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#tbt to 2017 when we had Jerry Moffatt in the house for his Mastermind lecture!

A big shout out and huge thanks to all that got involved in the Jerry Moffatt Lecture on Sunday evening! 140 people… dammmm.

To give a wee summary of the evening in the hope to create a solid feeling of fear of missing out…

5 – 7 pm saw you all on the ropes and burning yourselves out (of course the ticket came with a free climb). Let’s be honest climbers are terrible at sitting still, we had to do something to chill you out! Then like magic… bean bags, couches and a stage pop up out of nowhere. I say like magic, more like madness, but hey we got the job done. Then, what we are really good at, giving away beer and popcorn!

After everyone was happy supping on beer and chomping on popcorn, the man himself Jerry Moffatt hit the stage! The focus of the lecture was on his epic climbing history and achievements plus an insight into his new book, Mastermind. His book is centred on the psychological aspect of climbing. In short, he taught us how to be as calm as Gandhi, yet as psyched as Bruce Lee. Probably just jumped 2 grades over night 😉 The lecture was filled with sweet videos and classic old school imagery!

Again, a big thanks to Jerry Moffatt and Patagonia for organising the event and those who came along to get inspired! All the funds that we raise from running these events get pumped straight back into creating even bigger events, after all climbing is all about community!