The perfect first time climbing experience


Adult Intro to Climbing

This group class will get you climbing the walls in no time at all and is perfect for new climbers wanting their first experience of what climbing has to offer! You'll be partnered with up to 8 other like-minded, adventure hungry adults, looking to try climbing. Together you will explore new heights.

This 1.5 hour session for adults (16+yrs) is a taster of what Parthian Climbing Reading has to offer. Guided by one of our amazing instructors, you will get to try top rope climbing, as well as getting in-depth inductions to our autobelays and bouldering area. This session equips you with all the information you need to pass a competency check on your next visit, allowing you to climb unsupervised on the autobelays and bouldering wall going forward.

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We’re here to make your
first CLIMBING experience
SAFE, Easy and fun

We are a collective that are passionate about spreading the joy of climbing around the UK and the world. We own and operate a selection of leading climbing centres across the UK all the way from Harrogate to Southampton, with a few stops in between!

Formed from a love for climbing and leisure by a team that are professional, knowledgeable, and passionate, climber John Dunne and director Andrew Denton bring a wealth of experience to a growing team. 

World Class Facilities

With centres positioned up and down the UK, we offer World Class Climbing Facilities to a large audience, and enable Climbing for Everyone.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Climbing and Bouldering walls, Gyms, Cafe Facilities and shop, all coming together to provide a great experience to our customers.