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The Climbing For Everyone Project is a not for profit community project providing funded climbing, apprenticeships and job opportunities for our local community


We offer climbing for everyone, building a passionate community that inspires and grows the next generation of climbers.



We are a strong business that’s part of the local community. We have quality climbing facilities for everyone to enjoy, extraordinary expertise and staff with a passion for climbing that makes our customers feel welcome, wanted and inspired.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do.
We take pride in our centres and our staff.



We make climbing accessible for all.
We are positive and encouraging.



We inspire our customers.
We champion our staff.


We are real climbers.
We are built on our heritage.


We’re a national brand, but we plant roots wherever we open.
We build local and loyal communities that grow as we do.


We enjoy what we do.
We help our customers enjoy climbing.